Maximise your potential

Maximise your potentialLifelong learning is not a pretty slogan anymore: it has become mandatory for every professional to keep growing, to build his/her own unique professional path, capable to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the job market. The large amount and immediate availability of learning resources online have also made it even more common for learning to take place everywhere – especially outside learning-dedicated environments: reading articles, watching videos or MOOCs, engaging in specialized communities. All this learning is a learner’s valuable asset, but misses to be properly recognized as it doesn’t include an official certification.

On the other hand, employers are eager to find people with specific skills – especially soft skills, which are not usually part of a formal curriculum: McKinsey’s data about skills gap and skills perception is quite significant and prompts all players (learners, employer, learning providers, assessment providers, public administrations) in taking a step towards bridging the (perceived) skills gap and taking into account EU’s recommendation on the validation of non-formal and informal learning.

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