Open Badges


Badges are digital insignia that appear as icons or logos on a webpage or other online location. These icons show that someone has gained some knowledge or mastered certain skills. People who complete a course successfully and get a badge can show them on their website or social media, such as LinkedIn. In the meantime, training institutes, training agencies and (ICT) companies all over the world assign digital badges to students, including Microsoft and the Security Academy. The following short movie of City&Guilds gives you a good first impression about Open Badges.

Education (SURF)

SURF, the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research in the Netherlands, has started with an Open Badge project. They are setting up an open badge infrastructure in a proof of concept. This is to organize flexibility in education. More information can be found on the wiki space of the Open Badges of SURF.

Business (IBM)

IBM uses open badges in their training program: IBM Badging & Certification. This makes IBM's employees faster and easier to become a source of invaluable value for their customers and colleagues. A beautiful movie that shows that is shown below.

Life long learning

Lifelong learning includes all forms of learning; after all 70-80% of all learning is informal. With Open Badges and the new 2.0 specifications you can give yourself a badge and allow others to subscribe. And you can follow an Open Pathway to support your learning process. Wayne Skipper of Concentric Sky shows in the next demo how this is already possible.

More information

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  • Go to Get your Web Explorer Badge here and claim your first badge. Give it a try!
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  • With the ESCObadge project the connection is made between Open Badges and the new European ESCO framework for Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. Keep an eye on this project!